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Ash-Dome is a product of the Ash Manufacturing Company, a leader in the design and manufacturing of high quality domes and tracking instrument shelters. The Ash-Dome evolved from a new and different approach to the production of high quality observatory domes. The Ash-Dome is fabricated from the finest materials and products available to provide strength and stability in a dome shelter to withstand severe weather conditions around the world.

Many of the outstanding features and available options designed into this versatile instrument shelter are a direct result of suggestions received from professional astronomers, engineers, and amateur astronomers. Ash-Dome has incorporated these ideas into the product we now provide to many of the world’s most distinguished institutions, yet the Ash-Dome is priced to be compatible with budgets of schools and amateurs.

Simplicity of structure and ease of operation are prime factors in considering Ash-Dome. Basically the Ash-Dome is a steel hemisphere formed by a number of interlocking segments providing an exceptionally strong roof structure. The up and over style shutter system allows the astronomer to view any portion of the sky through a protected viewing aperture. The up and over style shutter also keeps wind turbulence in the observatory to a minimum during observatory operation. This is much different from the older biparting style where the entire aperture must be opened to observe, even during exceptionally windy conditions.



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Cut Away Drawing

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Size and Line Drawing

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