CURE Observatory

Rocha, Uruguay
Outdoor view of the CURE Ash-Dome Observatory

The Astronomical Observatory of Centro Universitario Regional del Este (CURE) de la Universidad de la República is dedicated to university extension activities, to support teaching and research. The Observatory also provides technical advice to minimize the negative impact of light pollution and help preserve the darkness of the night sky. It depends on the University Development Pole (PDU) “Group for the Development of Physical Sciences and their Applications” based at the Rocha Headquarters of the CURE. Teachers in charge: Professor Adj. (G3) Dra. Andrea Sosa Oyarzabal (Responsible) and Assistant (G1) Professor-CES Valentina Pezano.

The Observatory’s main telescope is a 30cm diameter MEADE LX200 computerized reflector with an equatorial fork mount. It is used with a SBIG STT 1603 ME CCD camera and filter wheel. Theis equipment have been loaned by the Department of Astronomy of the Faculty of Sciences. The dome is a 2.4m diameter REB Ash-Dome, motorized and automatable. It was acquired with funds from the Physical Sciences PDU. The Observatory was inaugurated on September 2, 2016. The construction was in charge of Alberto Ceretta and Alejandro Pereira.


Metal frame at the start of construction for the top of the observatory. Metal frame with construction material over it for the top of the observatory. Circle cut out of the construction material that covers the metal frame for the top of the observatory. The base of the dome for the top of the observatory is added to the metal frame. The dome is attached to the base for the top of the observatory. Crewmen are using an forklift to remove the dome from a flatbed truck. The top of the dome is being lifted by cranes to be installed. A motor for the dome. Controls for the dome's motor. A motor to operator the dome. Computers for the instruments inside the CURE Observatory. Outside view of the top of the dome. Outside side view of the top of the dome. Outside view of the CURE observatory dome with the door open. Inside view of the CURE Observatory instruments with the door open. Ouside view of the CURE observatory People posing inside the CURE observatory. The CURE Observatory telescope. The CURE Observatory WEDGE telescope.